Insurance for the Business: Other Insurance

In addition to Business operation policies discussed last time, there are several other types of insurance a business should consider.

Business Interruption

When a business suffers a loss due to a fire, flood, or other accident, the property insurance will cover the lost property, but the business is going to be shut down until the property is replaced and the business can open again.  This insurance will provide lost profits, costs, and salaries during the shut down.  How much to get depends […]

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Insurance for the Business

In previous discussions regarding running a business out of your home, we highlighted insurance issues that should be addressed.  This post goes into a little more detail on these issues.

Finding Business Insurance

The first step is to find a source for business insurance.  It is generally best to work with an insurance agent who represents multiple insurance companies so they can help you to find the best insurance policies, at the best price, for the particular needs you have.  You should […]

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Owning Your Own Business-Insurance Issues

I previously addressed the question of disability insurance in my article “Your Company and Disability Planning” on June 20, 2012.  In addition to disability insurance for the owner and/or employees, a business should consider other forms of insurance as a part of its operation. Of primary importance is general liability and business operations coverage which addresses normal liabilities such as accidents and property damage.  This kind of insurance can also cover important papers, employee theft, and can potentially cover lost […]

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Your Company and Disability Planning

Nobody likes to think about it, but what happens to you, and your company, when you become disabled?

100% of owners of small companies eventually exit the company in one way or another. But even when small business owners do plan for contingencies with their business, most think about death or retirement—few think about how they will handle a disability. 

Some statistics suggest that on average, one in four persons will experience a disability before they retire.  Often, these disabilities will […]

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Insurance for Social Media Users Like Bloggers, and Twitterers?

I was reviewing posts on social media issues and ran across an article about the lawsuit for defamation against Courtney Love based on her tweets. The article is here: Tweet This: You’re Being Sued. At first I thought that the article was a bit late in discussing the first lawsuit related to Twitter. However, the article did raise an interesting issue—general liability insurance.

Not too long ago, I was at the Denver Twestival raising funds across the country on […]

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