Thoughts on Courage this Memorial Day Weekend

I wrote the first draft of the following a couple of years ago.  I revised and updated it a little bit so I could post it this weekend.  I hope it is somewhat beneficial to you:


I think I originally defined courage to be a willingness to do what is right despite the odds, the difficulties, and the opposition. That may be somewhat accurate, but it seems sterile, lacking any insight into how to actually have courage as a practical […]

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Thanksgiving Reflections

Two years ago around this time, I no longer had a job at a firm (I had been let go, or I left, depending on who you ask) and was frantically working on putting together the foundation of what would become The Griess Law Firm, LLC.  It was providential that the timing was around Thanksgiving.  I remember feeling a high level of anxiety and uncertainty, wondering how I was going to provide for my family over the next few months […]

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Election Day–USA

First, I want to encourage you to vote today if you have not already sent in a ballot, voted early, or otherwise participated.  I sent in my ballot a couple of weeks ago.

It is an incredible privilege to have the right to vote.  And while we enjoy this privilege as a right, it is also, perhaps more precisely in the context of citizenship, a responsibility we exercise, not unlike jury duty.

In many contexts in our society, we have a vote.  […]

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Welcome to the New Year, 2010

Fortunately for my firm and practice, the last few months of 2009 were very busy.  It seems like business has been picking up again.

Now, starting the New Year 2010 off, the firm has two immediate trials coming up.  One is a two week trial in Denver this next week, and the other is a two week trial in Montrose starting in mid-February.  While I am not participating in the trial this month, the significance of it is that our litigator […]

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Death of the Billable Hour: Relationship First, Billing Method Second

As many interested in this topic would know, a couple of months  ago, the ABA Journal published an article by Scott Turow entitled The Billable Hour Must Die.  The article has created a buzz in legal circles about the use of the billable hour as a means of getting paid.  Like all attorneys who have had to bill by the hour and track their time tediously, I have struggled with the billable hour.  However, I am not so sure that […]

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