Douglas Griess Pleased to Work with National Business Institute (NBI) to Present Parts of “Indemnification and LLCs” CLE on November 25, 2014.

Nationally recognized provider of continuing legal education courses, National Business Institute (NBI),  is providing a video webcast course on Indemnification and LLCs on November 25, 2014. NBI invited Douglas Griess to present on several of the topics, which he agreed to do.

Indemnification is an important issue for members, managers, and others within LLCs. In short, few want to take a job with an LLC unless the LLC will cover them for the liabilities they might incur doing their job for the LLC. Because LLCs are generally controlled by their operating agreements, there is a great deal of flexibility in most jurisdictions for how indemnification can be handled. That flexibility can be either a blessing or a curse. In addition, the level of flexibility is generally dependent on the applicable state law. There is currently no standard way that state LLC statutes address indemnification. These are just some of the issues to be discussed in the course.

The course is 6 hours covering the following topics: (1) Indemnification 101; (2) Fiduciary Duties: Why They’re so Important to LLC Managers and Members; (3) Indemnification in the Corporate Context vs. Indemnification in the LLC Context; (4) Special Considerations with Indemnification and LLCs; (5) Drafting Indemnification Provisions in the Operating Agreement: Tips, Examples and Mistakes to Avoid; and, (6) Ethical Considerations. Douglas will present on topics (1), (3) and (4).

The course is good for CLE credits in all states, including 7 in Colorado, 1.2 ethics. The cost is $339. The NBI website for the webcast is HERE. The website includes an overview, full agenda, speaker bios, and credit information. The course will also be available for home study on Video DVD.

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