Growth By Acquisition – Strengthening Advisor Relationships

Perhaps the most important thing owners and advisors can do is to specifically discuss their different incentives and interests, how they align and how they might diverge. While this may be a difficult or uncomfortable conversation, the fact the owner and advisors are having such a discussion is a very good sign that the owner is going to get the kind of advice and help they actually need from people they can honestly trust. On the other hand, resistance to […]

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Growth By Acquisition – Advisors

Business owners need the objective counsel of outside advisors to help them identify and consider these issues to make good judgments. However, owners also need to recognize the pressures and incentives their outside advisors are facing, and which might influence their counsel. For example, outside advisors are often likely to obtain work from the owner if the transaction moves forward, creating an inherent pressure to be optimistic.

While it may be possible to arrange multiple advisor relationships in ways […]

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It’s Sometimes Necessary to Blow Up a Deal

I’ve heard it said that there are two kinds of lawyers in a deal: ones that get the deal done, and ones that essentially obstruct the deal.  I want to be a lawyer who gets deals done.

However, a key part of the role of a lawyer is to give their client’s the advice that helps them understand all of the key risks, as well as the potential benefits, of a deal.  And sometimes this means providing an objective analysis, and […]

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Entrepreneur Community Online

Attorney Douglas Griess recently became an advisor with the Entrepreneur Community Online (“ECO”).  ECO is an online resource for entrepreneurs to engage with each other, resources, strategic partners, and customers.  To that end, Mr. Griess has joined the group as a legal resource.  With the help of ECO’s founder, Linda Hughes, who was identified as one of the top 20 women for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter, Mr. Griess has set up an advisor page on ECO’s website which he […]

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