Five Value Additions of an Attorney’s Assistance with Trademarks

It is not necessary to have an attorney representing you to register your trademark. However, there are some very good reasons to have an attorney’s assistance.

Summary Regarding Trademarks and Brand

I wrote about the basics of trademark registration and branding previously. In summary, legal Trademark protection is about unfair competition and protecting consumers from misrepresentations. The idea with the protection is that consumers who come to recognize a distinctive mark as indicating the source of goods or services should be protected […]

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Buying a Business: A First Question–Assets Only?

Once a buyer is considering the purchase of a business, they have a fundamental question to ask: What are they actually going to buy?

It is possible to buy the entire business (i.e., the company or corporation), or to buy all or part of the assets of the business.  Generally, the goal is to buy the valuable parts of a business and leave the rest.

The assets of a business vary, but can include:

real property such as offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, kitchens, […]

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Confidential Information Regarding Clients in a Dynamic Internet Database Can Be Trade Secrets and Support a Nonsolicitation Agreement

In a recent Colorado case involving a debt collection agency that stored customer service information in a password protected web database, the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the enforcement of claims for misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of a nonsolicitation agreement against a independent sales agent who left to work for a competitor.  The case reinforces the enforceability of properly drafted nonsolicitation agreements which support the protection of trade secret information.  It also provides some insight into how dynamically […]

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Intellectual Property (IP) Audits

One of the functions that an attorney can provide, and that The Griess Law Firm, LLC offers to clients, is the IP Audit.  Many of the fundamental assets held and used by businesses are intellectual property assets.  However, many times, businesses have not taken the actions they are able to take to fully protect or realize the value of their assets.  This can be as simple as registering the copyright for a software application to secure enforcement rights, modifying contracts […]

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Policies and Rules Can Be Good for Your Culture and You Do Own Your Band Even if the Message is That You are a Hypocrite

Two guys that I really like and respect are Chuck Blakeman of the Crankset Group and David Sandusky of Your Brand Plan.  Each recently posted an article that I found very insightful.  Chuck wrote You Don’t Own Your Brand Anymore and David wrote Rules and Policies Kill Your Culture, Your Brand.  However, I have to respectfully take issue with some of the implications, and I’d love to see a dialogue about it.  So, here I go.

I Think Rules and Policies […]

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