Welcome to the New Year, 2010

Fortunately for my firm and practice, the last few months of 2009 were very busy.  It seems like business has been picking up again.

Now, starting the New Year 2010 off, the firm has two immediate trials coming up.  One is a two week trial in Denver this next week, and the other is a two week trial in Montrose starting in mid-February.  While I am not participating in the trial this month, the significance of it is that our litigator extraordinaire, Mike Reagor, will be preoccupied with the first trial, and I will therefore be heavily involved in preparing for the second trial in February.

All this to say that I am pretty busy.

Regardless, life and business go on.  As some indication of activities in the near term, I expect to be doing the second half of the radio show with B Hopkins re the FTC Regulations in early February, probably the 3rd.

Also, I have been working on the development of Legal Assessment services related to evaluating a business’s status in the areas of company formation and documentation, intellectual property identification and protection, as well as its contractual relationships.  Blog posts will continue to address the concepts behind these services.

Eventually, I will also be writing some posts on the topic of Estate Planning as it relates to creating a legacy, i.e., Legacy Planning.

So 2010 starts. 

One thought on the general economy heading into 2010:  I have read a lot about how 2010 cannot be worse than 2009.  Even so, the same pundits state that there is apparently no reason to believe that it will be a really good year either.  In particular, the measures of wealth dropped so dramatically over the last couple of years, it is asserted that it is unlikely we can recover to the previous level anytime soon, perhaps not even this decade. 

While this may be accurate in the aggregate, I just want to point out that such aggregate information will not, by its very nature, apply to everyone.  In fact, it only indicates that while some may do poorly, others will do well, and the overall averaging effect is expected to be “less than” a full recovery to the previous perceived level of wealth. 

For me and my house, things must be put in perspective.  Our overall wealth has increased.  We have four healthy beautiful kids, a roof over our heads, great friends and family who are there for us in rough and good times, a steady paying job, and work streaming in.  I expect 2010 to be a great year of opportunity.  Best wishes to you and yours as well!

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