Business Representation

Business Representation

We represent closely-held businesses in all aspects of their operation. We especially excel in long-term roles with business clients. We want to be there to serve owners and management as they address the challenges and opportunities involved in running a business. In short, we want to be your general outside counsel.

A Valuable Partnership

Business representation is a partnership. There are many different specific services involved in representing a business over its life. However, we believe the real value of general counsel is in being knowledgeable advisers and advocates. Competent representation includes things like legal contracts and applying comprehensive checklists and rules, but great representation is more than just obtaining desired legal outcomes. Great representation involves a focus on the process in addition to the results. The process, the provision of quality counsel and advocacy that engages the client and is tailored to the client’s needs, concerns, and goals, is what makes the difference between adequate results, and excellent representation. This is why we focus on good relationships, communication, client education, and integrity.

Strong Relationships

We believe the ability to advise clients and advocate for them is strongest when the relationship itself is strong. Insightful relationships of trust require honest communication, integrity, and the willingness to actively engage with clients to give them the guidance they need. Developing these strong relationships is our goal.

Examples of Business Representation Services

  • Contract drafting, reviews, and negotiations;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • LLC Operating Agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements;
  • Technology/Software/Product and intellectual property protection, licensing, and assignments;
  • Business purchase and sales from strategy and options, Letters of Intent, and due diligence to Asset Purchase Agreements, Noncompetes, and closings;
  • Independent contractor, officer/key employee compensation agreements;
  • Lease drafting and reviews;
  • Regulatory and legal compliance and audit representation;
  • Phone consultations; and,
  • Collections.

If you are looking for legal counsel for your business, give us a call.

“Doug is a solid business attorney and I regularly consult with him on transactional issues that I confront in my own practice. I would recommend him to anyone who needs conscientious help in a prompt timeframe.”

– J. Aaron – Attorney, Owner Starbridge Homes; Atkinson | Boyle, PLLC (*DRG is “Of Counsel”)

“Doug Griess always takes a very comprehensive approach to any work in which we engage him[sic].  We have found him to be very thorough and detailed with the structuring and review of our company contracts and structuring.  He is a quick study on the issues brought to the table and always responds timely and accurately.”

– Tim, Owner Security First Insurance Agency, Inc.