LLCs & S-Corporations

LLCs and S-Corporations

We focus our business practice on LLCs (limited liability companies) and S-Corporation (Corporations taxed under subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code). While we also work with partnerships and not-for-profit entities, LLCs and S-Corps are the popular choice for privately-held, small businesses.

There are many reasons to create an entity including limited liability, business legitimacy, operational flexibility and certainty, asset protection, transfer, and capital formation. Most of these advantages are directly related to the existence of the entity as legally separate from the owners and management. We believe that our clients should not only take advantage of these options, but that they can increase the value of their businesses through legal counsel.

Businesses exist for the people who make them up from the shareholders and members to the employees and customers. Our goal as legal counsel is to first advise and educate clients on the nature and structure of the legal entities so they can understand their options, obligations, and rights. Armed with this knowledge, clients can then take advantage of the legal framework in which they operate in order to achieve their goals, build and maintain the business, and eventually exit the business under favorable terms.

Notably, Douglas Griess has the privilege of being an instructor with the National Business Institute for seminars providing continuing legal education credits to other attorneys nationwide on topics such as LLC indemnification, special allocations, LLC operations from registration to conversion and merger, and Operating Agreements. These opportunities demonstrate not only the expertise we provide to clients, but our continuing commitment to maintain that expertise as the law changes and develops.

In summary, we assist clients in forming, updating, and maintaining their business structures including their Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, state registrations, and related document. In addition, we assist clients with managing and complying with their entity requirements including meetings, minutes, and resolutions. If you are starting a business, expanding or making changes, or if you simply have not reviewed your structure in a while, we would like the opportunity to work with you. Please give us a call.

“”Doug’s counsel was insightful and he provided answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. As a small business owner, my human capital and intellectual property [are] better protected as a direct result of working with The Griess Law Firm.””
– Aaron, Owner Black Diamond Benefits